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Kind Words

Discover music in ways beyond a step by step student “how to” book. At Rich’s Guitar Studio the music is always alive. Students grow and are involved in a truly creative experience. I recommend Rich’s to anyone who wants to learn guitar in a very dynamic way. My grandson soared with the guidance of this very inspiring teacher.
— Anne C. - West Trenton, NJ

Taking lessons with Rich has greatly enhanced my knowledge of the guitar and my playing skills and technique. Rich is an excellent and patient teacher with an easy going manner. He is extremely knowledgeable about all types of guitar playing. I have found working with Rich to be not only quite informative but also great fun.
— Alan M. - Lawrenceville, NJ

Rich is a patient and enthusiastic teacher and I enjoy learning from him. One of the best parts for me is I am not just learning how to play the bass I am also learning how to make music.
— Ben B. - Lawrenceville, NJ

Here are the words that come to mind when I think of Rich: genuine, unassuming, unpretentious, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, flexible, patient, dedicated, and just an all around nice guy. Adding these characteristics to the accomplished musician that is Rich adds up to make one outstanding teacher. He enthusiastically shares his knowledge, and makes it exciting to learn. His flexibility, if not a unique ability, is certainly a rare one for a teacher. It enabled Rich to mold a program around my learning style and personality. He’s the real deal and true quality. I would certainly recommend Rich to anyone who is looking to expand their musical knowledge, and guitar or bass musicianship.
— Jim L. - Brick, NJ

Rich is a great guitar teacher and a fantastically gifted guitarist. It is tough to find both in one person. He is able to take his encyclopedic knowledge of music theory and relay it in a manner that I am able to understand. I was a beginning guitarist when I first started with Rich and he has helped me improve my fretwork to the point where I can now do things that I never thought I would be able to. My time with Rich is enjoyable and I always walk away feeling like I’ve learned something new, and that he always has something to teach me. He seems to have a 6th sense where he will slow down when he sees that I’m having trouble grasping a new concept, and approach it from another angle. I hope to one day play on the same stage as him.
— Clarence J. - Lawrenceville, NJ

Richard has put a lot of careful thought into applying chord and scale theory to the fretboard. This translation has enabled Richard to develop an extensive collection of practical fretboard “tools” that allow the student to readily apply chord and scale concepts to the guitar. Richard easily gets these points across to the student with an engaging teaching style.
— Jeff G. - Trenton, NJ

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