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Studio Policy


This policy defines the governing principals and terms of the teaching services being provided to the student by the teacher. All fee payments are requested one month in advance.

Please be aware that the policy is subject to change at any time. Every effort will be made to inform you of any significant changes that may affect you. Exceptions to this policy may be negotiated at the discretion of the teacher.  

A special note to parents and guardians: We require that the adult, who accompanies the young student to the lesson, wait in our small waiting area until the lesson has been completed. From the waiting area, you will be able to listen and observe the lesson from a comfortable distance. Please be aware that we are unable to accommodate other children in the waiting area.



Lessons should be weekly in order to ensure continued progress. Biweekly lessons may be arranged for adults. The duration of the student’s lesson shall be based upon age, experience and/or desire. The duration of the lesson shall not change from week to week.
In general,
Young Students: 30 minutes
Older and Adult Students: One hour

Fees and PAYMENT

Lessons will be given to one student at a time.  Payment shall be by cash or check and will be required in advance of each lesson. Lessons in the student’s home are not recommended, but may be negotiated; however, the cost of each lesson will be increased to compensate the teacher for his travel time.  Please contact Rich for current fees.

The student/family will pay in advance at the last week of each month for the upcoming month. For example, if the lesson is every Tuesday, and there are four Tuesdays in the upcoming month, then on the last Tuesday of the current month the student/family will pay in advance for four lessons.

If the student/family knows in advance that the student will not be available for a lesson during a certain week, then payment will not be required for that week. 


The student should bring the following items to each lesson.

  • Guitar – The student/family shall provide a guitar of reasonable quality for the student to use for practice and lessons. Prior to each lesson, the guitar should be tuned as closely as possible to standard tuning (E A D G B E - A=440).
  • spiral notebook
  • sharp pencil and eraser
  • picks
  • extra strings
  • capo
  • guitar strap (optional)

Additionally, the student/family shall be responsible for purchasing any books and materials that the teacher feels the student needs in order to develop properly. These may include manuscript paper, one or more songbooks, a theory book and/or an exercise book.


If the student is ill or has a conflicting activity, the teacher will either offer to make up the lesson at a different time and/or date, or apply a credit to the next month’s lessons. If the student/family then cancels the make-up, the lesson is forfeited. Note: Make-ups are preferable to lost lessons and both teacher and student/family should do their best to find an alternate date.

In the event of student cancellation, the make-up must occur within 30 days of the cancelled lesson, or the lesson is forfeited.

No more than one student cancellation per month will be accepted. Additional cancellations will not be made up or refunded.

If the teacher must cancel the lesson, he will do his best to offer a make-up date and
time that suits the student/family. If none can be found, a credit will be applied to the next month’s lessons.

The teacher reserves the right to cancel lessons at any time (holidays, for example) without offering make-ups. If no make-up is to be offered, the teacher will refund the cost of the lesson.

In the event of a “no-show” (i.e., the student does not come at the scheduled lesson time), no refund will be available.


At each lesson, the teacher will clearly explain the student’s practicing assignments for that week. The teacher will write the assignments in a book. The student is expected to complete the assignments by the next lesson.

In general, in order to complete the assignments, the student must practice daily. A minimum of 15 minutes per day is required.

Parents should understand that young children (up to age 10, in general) need to be encouraged to practice every day and will require supervision during their practice time.Parental help may sometimes be necessary for children to complete their assignments.

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